NewsX: One of the Best English Channel of the Country

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Kartikeya Sharma is an influential media entrepreneur in India and is the founder and promoter of the iTV network. The portfolio of this network includes some of the most popular news channels and newspapers. The news industry is undoubtedly a very competitive one, and yet the news channels of this media network have attained popularity in a very short period. The success of iTV network has been attributed to Kartikeya Sharma’s talent, abilities and his commitment towards entrepreneurship and quality journalism. iTV which stands for information TV is on the road to expansion being the fastest growing media network of India.

iTV News Channels:

iTV has two national channels named as India News and NewsX. India News is a 24-hour Hindi channel while the NewsX is a 24-hour English channel. These channels gained popularity in a very short time and they won awards too. Apart from these, there are regional channels too which include India News Uttar Pradesh, India News Haryana, and India News Madhya Pradesh. The India News channel was set up in 2007 and now it is one of the most popular news channels in India. Apart from the news channels and newspapers, there are some digital assets such as inkhabar and NewsX online portals too.


Kartikeya Sharma’s NewsX channel was a very thoughtful expansion. Though it didn’t get very high ratings, in the beginning, today it is the fastest growing news channel of India. The English Channel was the only thing that was remaining on this media network and in 2012 it was launched successfully. It’s free to air English channel and most of the educated urban Indians spend their time watching it. The channel has seen unprecedented growth since it was acquired by iTV media network. The best thing about NewsX is that it gives unbiased news and follows all the journalism ethics properly.

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