Traffic Light Rhyme Song – A children’s Song which is not only fun to sing

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This song for children is a great addition for instilling safe behavior in children. Not only is this song very popular with infants and toddlers alike, but it is also used in music classes in play schools and for other activities for children. Most children love the concept of traffic lights, and this song helps inform and educate them about how traffic lights work in a fun and playful manner. It is about being careful when you are using the road or crossing the street and helps instill the notion of road safety in children so that they do not run on roads and follow proper behavior in order to stay safe.

This children’s song has a STEM concept as well since it teaches many different colors. Older children can learn about how traffic lights influence the behavior of car drivers and pedestrians and how they should act when they are on the road or crossing the street. For example, they can learn by enacting the song that red means to stop, yellow means to be cautious that the light is about to turn red or green, and green means go and drivers can finally move.

Many people sing the song in the same tune as the popular nursery rhyme “Wheels on the Bus” with the following lyrics:

“The colors on the light turn

Green / yellow / red

Green / yellow / red

Green / yellow / red

The colors on the light turn

Green / yellow / red

All around the town”

With so many online videos of this song, it is easy to teach and explain to children about traffic lights. The parent or teacher/caregiver can simply put on the song video for the child and explain to them accordingly.

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